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    Bespoke furniture designed and made for individuals and institutions.

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    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

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  • About Mäker

    Strive for simplicity. Deliver sophistication.

    MäkerFürnitüre is an experimental design studio located in New Year City. Our studio approaches design with a critical eye that challenges the typical vision of the built environment.


    Recent works include simple chair for private spaces to functional art in institutional buildings - and encompass a variety of scales.

  • The Mäker Process

    We design and make everything ourselves.


    The design inspiration can come from an observation of what's missing from a client's current collection or a simple UI problem.


    We'll make small scale models to test out an idea and then build out a full-size prototype to look at the scale and proportion.


    We work through several rounds of production samples to refine and tweak - until we get to the final product.

  • Shop Talk

    Commonly asked tidbits.

    How would you describe your design aesthetic?

    Modern with a spirit of ingenuity and a tint of ridiculousness.

    Where is your factory?

    Everything we design and sell is made right in our studio in NYC. From concept to execution - nothing is outsourced.

    How to you work with clients?

    We favor the immediacy of drawing and the tactility of a prototype over modeling on computers. And our clients benefit from the visceral reaction of seeing a small scale model or full size prototype.

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    Come meet your collaborators.

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